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E.g., 2021.06.12
E.g., 2021.06.12
E.g., 2021.06.12

Hasznos információk

Hasznos információk


Be sure that the provided information is correct., because it is not permitted to modify passenger name for scheduled flights. lt can only be modified for low-cost flights and for extra fee.


Only one booking is accepted for the same name on the same date. In case you would like to book more options, please contact our travel agency.


ecently many airlines require that online check-in has to be done and boarding has to be printed and presented at the gate with travel documents. Check the rules of check-in of the airline which you flight with when you buy your air ticket. Check-in is available 24 hours prior to departure., it also depends on the airline. In case you do not have the check-in done and your boarding pass with you, the airline may charge extra fee at the airport.


At the majority of low-cost airlines hand luggages can not be taken on board unless the passenger has pre-booked this special service for extra fee. Priority pass also includes priority check-in service and priority boarding.


The reservation of a specific seat is often linked to a fee. If you want to sit together with your family/friends, we recommend you purchasing and booking the exact seats when you buy the airtickets.


On low-cost airlines and since this year also on some schedules airlines apart from one piece of carry-on baggage, the fare includes no free baggage allowance. However, a piece of checked baggage can be added to your booking for a fee.Your permitted free baggage allowance is shown on your ticket/passenger receipt. It is based upon the travel class and fare you have booked, as well as your passenger status.