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The Heritage Village was built in 1997, at the Al Shindagha historic neighbourhood. The reason behind establishing it was to display the traditional life style in the emirate of Dubai, as well as a form of an introduction to the traditional customs, traditions, professions and local craftsmanship. The Heritage Village is considered as an attraction for the tourists interested in the local traditional life. The village witnesses the events of UAE National Day, Dubai Shopping Festival, Flag Day and others.

The visitor of the Heritage Village has a great opportunity to live and get to know the different styles of the traditional local life ranging from coastal, desert to country and mountain life. It displays many types of buildings made of stone, palm fronds and also tents. Moreover, the visitor will witness how the different professions are practiced, live. They will get to see the well pole and the shovel, which are considered as the most traditional tools used in farming and irrigation. The village also hosts a traditional medicine clinic during the tourist season between October and March. Patients are treated by traditional medicine doctors who have inherited a legacy of great experience and expertise in the methods of traditional medicine, such as branding, bone-setting and various treatments with herbs. Also, the village displays an atmosphere of traditional markets that features traditional professions such as whistle making, jewellery making, blacksmithing and cotton trading. There are also shops selling pottery, items made from palm, traditional sweets, dried milk along with different equipment and tools that people used in the different aspects of their lives during the previous era. The visitors can also enjoy performances of folklore singing and dancing such as Razfa, Ayyala, Harbeya and El-Dan, in addition to the dances added to the local heritage that came to the region through the commercial relations with Africa, among which are Lewa, Andemi and Haban. These dances are performed primarily during the tourist season between October and March. The village also has many shops specialised in selling traditional items.

A visit to the Heritage Village, especially during the tourist season with its activities, gives a unique opportunity to live and know closely, many façades and details of the traditional life of Dubai, and it will increase an appreciation of its citizens who invented ideas, methods and treatments to survive, and make use of the local natural resources despite their scarcity and rarity.